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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we're going to be joining on facebook live. in the "after the show show." >> five seconds. one last time. oh. man. bill: a fox news alert. a bombshell report on isis. a top government report said government officials altered reports to make it appear the war against the terror group was going much better than it was. abby: morning. abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. it started as an allegation a year ago when a career intel officer delivered an assessment of the fight against isis. but we are learning those reports were being changed at the senior level.
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bill: how did this report come about? >> i'm glad you said bombshell. this is even explosive report. an allegation that seem to go to the top levels of central command after task force heard from a whistle blower, a senior analyst who suggested the intelligence the american people were hearing didn't match what the intelligence was uncovering. the senior analyst said the public is not getting the true picture. we are uncovering something different. kansas republican mike pompeo saying bluntly the facts on the ground didn't match what the intelligence was saying out of the united states central command. that is a huge statement from
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mike pompeo. it does not say in this report that the obama administration asked senior officials at centcom to manipulate or change the material we were hearing as the public. but it does beg the question, why would we be hearing something different than the analysts were hearing something else. this will continue to unpack itself. we have investigators and lawmakers continuing to look into the circumstance. the d.o.d. inspector general is taking a close look at the findings to review the facts as we know them. they are look for more possible whistle blowers. theying, if you know something, say something. the difference between what we were hearing as members of the
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public and what analysts were hearing is different. bill: we'll have full information on what's inside this report. it's breaking news, it's out today. abby: donald trump on fire on the campaign trail calling out president obama and hillary clinton for their lack of action in the war on terror. take a listen. >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. abby: we'll hear more from trump in the next hour when he speaks live from florida.
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john, some new strong word come from donald trump. >> we are expected to hear later on more strong words from hillary clinton, president obama and isis in the wake of this bombshell report. not likely to hear that in his speech this morning. donald trump is expected to focus more on the economy than anything else. last night at a big rally in sunrise, florida north of here. it showed the homeownership level is at its lowest level in 15 years. he went after hillary clinton on the economy in coal country reminding them of what she said about wanting to put the coal
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industry out of business. >> when she made the statement essentially to put the miners out of business, she was going to west virginia. she forgot about virginia, too. she said it was what mistake. that she's going to raise taxes on the middle class. you saw that one? maybe she mispoke. >> we expect to hear more attacks against hillary clinton later this morning. then he has an event in kissimmee where we expect him to go after barack obama and hillary. he could put as many as 11,500 people in that rally. abby: the father of the orlando shooter attending one of hillary clinton's rally. donald trump still talking about
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this as well. reporter: he waited until he got to florida to hit her hard on that, pointing out the father of the orlando shooter was sitting behind hillary clinton at that rally. >> wasn't it terrible when the father of the animal that killed the wonderful people in orlando was sitting with a big smile on his face right behind hillary clinton. of course, he likes hillary. because hillary won't even say the words radical islamic terrorism. reporter: clearly there is a big difference in matter of degree. but donald trump had his own optics problem. disgraced former congressman mark foley was behind donald trump during this entire rally.
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i think both campaigns will pay more attention to who is sitting behind the candidate wanting to make sure the optics don't become the headline. bill: trump also hitting clinton on the new emails critics say show a cozy relationship between the clinton foundation donors and the state department when hillary clinton was in charge. >> today we had a very, very big thing going on all over this country. and it's called pay for play. you saw this. new emails come out. new emails. how do you think hillary would feel if emails were never invented? would she be happy? that's like a truth serum. bill: byron york, good morning to you. as you point out, these are not
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random attacks from trump. >> when donald trump attacks hillary clinton on the emails and isis, he's picking two areas, honesty and trustworthiness on one side and the ability to handle terrorism. he's picking the two areas where polls consistently show trump stronger than clinton. trump is trying to hit her hard on areas where he is strong and she is weak. bill: two sound bites and they seem to go after the same thing. >> i don't like her temperament because her temperament is the temperament of a loser. we need a tough temperament. my temperament is going to win for us, folks. >> casual inciting of violence. he single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and
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commander-in-chief of the united states. bill: it's almost a tit for tat on temperament. what is the strategy? >> trump is fighting back because democrats have focused on trump's temperament as almost the key part of their campaign. we often noted there are issues like trade, like entitlements that trump can appeal beyond the republican party. trump has the potential to appeal beyond just republican voters. but not if voters are worried about his temperament. they are worried it might be too dangerous or risky. what we have seen in the past several days, especially after the kahn affair and the second amendment affair. we have seen democrats focus hard on temperament suggesting donald trump is unfit to become
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president. abby: top intelligence officials accused of cooking the books to paint a rosier picture of the fight against isis. bill: an apartment inferno, forced to jump from their windows to escape. up to 7 people still missing. abby: sean hannity calling out republican leaders for not backing trump. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is on deck. >> if they keep up their stubborn, stupid game, it seems there are supporting a woman who is a corrupt politician. i'm terrible at golf.
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abby: as many as 7 people are missing following a massive fire in maryland. as many as two dozen people are hurt as a result of adults and their children jumping out of windows. no word on what caused all of this. >> if they continue to do what they are doing and hillary clinton wins, will they be responsible for supporting hillary clinton's radical
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left-wing agenda? bill kristol, mitt romney, ted cruz, lindsey graham, meg whitman and many, many others refusing to support trump seems they are supporting hillary clinton who has proven she is a liar and a corrupt politician. bill: former new york mayor, trump supporter and republican, rudy giuliani, good morning to you. laura ingraham went so far to say it would be immoral if you are a republican and won't vote for trump. >> i accept that. i think it many treacherous. i get beyond republican. i get to american. i'm supporting donald trump because of my love for america. and i believe he would be a good president. he has 9 potential to be a great president. what i do know is hillary
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clinton is probably the most corrupt person to run for president since i don't know when. my job was being a prosecutor investigator. hillary clinton is guilty of so many crimes it would take two trials to deal with it. one would be a racketeering trial against the clinton enterprise. it was a fake charity in which you paid millions of dollars to get access to the state department. that's called conflict of interest and it's called bribery. and the second indictment would be for being grocery negligent in the handling of national security information on a scale unnorthern in american -- unknown in american history. bill: they say he doesn't have conservative beliefs.
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>> ronald reagan who i work for would say i wasn't a conservative. ronald reagan was my boss, he was my political hero. i have been on the reagan library board for 15 years, and ronald reagan used to say my 80% friends is not my 20% enemy. he understood there is nobody in politics you fully agree with. his economic plan he put out monday is a classic conservative program. it's the same program i had in new york city, the same program ronald reagan had, and the same program john f. kennedy had. that as many as job creating spending. that isn't wasteful government spending. infrastructure spending i always support. it's capital expenditure. i get nervous when you spends a
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lot of money and leave a big debt for my kids. i don't get nervous when you build roads. bill: tom ridge, michael chertoff, they are republicans and friends of yours. if you talk to them -- >> i was shocked he did it. i didn't get a chance to talk to him in advance. i'm not sure i could have convinced them i know trump better than they do and they should have talked to him before making a decision like this. i'm particularly surprised in the case of ridge because he's a solid republican and a solid guy. he was one of my recommendations for vice president to john mccain. i believe they are missing the forest for the trees. in case of mike, i'm not sure how politically oriented he is. bill: he suggested today that
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trump is insitting his audience. >> hillary is insulting the world with a candidate for president who should be in jail. what she did would put anybody else in jail. i'm not even getting into the clinton foundation. that's at a level that is beyond -- that's like the teapot scandal. that's selling government. that's selling the state department. this administration turned the justice department into a political norm with their case against the baltimore police. the justice department is making the case against the baltimore police. and they turned the state department into a pay for play state department. obama has succeeded in bringing chicago politics to washington. bill: two more things. when trump says obama and clinton are co-founders of isis
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or whatever the phrase was used. now you have this report by high-level ranking government officials who reportedly altered the report on isis to make it look like we were doing better than we were. >> by founding member, he doesn't mean they incorporated it. there was an isis before obama. a very small organization. nothing in comparison to al-qaeda. our precipitous withdrawal of troops from iraq and clinton's inability to negotiation are clearly what caused isis. it temperatures squarely on the shoulders of hillary clinton and barack obama. bill: as of yesterday you are negotiating for his debate.
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tell me what trump's demands are. >> i can't tell you that because they are evolving and part of the negotiation. bill: anything that surprises you? >> no. things candidates have asked for in the past. the podium, some veto power over the moderators. i think things have become a lot more one-sided now after what candy crowley did to romney, which i thought was outrageous, and i like candy. bill: he will do three debates? but he will fight the moderators. >> yes, yes, yes. he's not going to walk into a one-sided -- he makes a statement then the moderator says you are wrong, she is right. then it turns out the next day it was the other way around. bill: we'll talk in a week.
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abby: canadian authorities breaking up a terror plot after a police operation ended in the death of a man who had been plotting a suicide bombing. catching this guy right in the nick of time. what do we know of this plot? reporter: canadian authorities say aaron driver wanted to kill himself and others using a bomb in a major canadian city. it was alerted of a possible terror plot. according to one report driver wanted to cause mass casualty.
6:26 am
he was killed last night during a canadian police operation 100 miles northeast of detroit. the royal canadian mounted police issued a statement saying in part the rcmp received information of a potential terrorist threat. the proper course are of action has been taking to insure there is no danger to the public. the driver detonated an explosive device that injured him as well as another man. we expect to learn more at a news conference slated for later today. abby: do we know about any possible ties to other terrorist groups? >> two years ago driver tweeted out support for isis, then he came to the attention of the authority. he was raised a christian but converted to islam.
6:27 am
authorities obtained a court order preventing driver from using firearms. he said i'm a muslim. i believe everything that comes along with that. i don't think muslims belong in the west. our ways of life are incompatible. the truth is we can't practice our religion in the fullest extent here. a lawyer who represented driver in the past says he is shocked to hear this, that his client he thought was low-risk. bill: after treading water for recent days we'll tell you how it goes with the dow. abby: general jack keane is on deck. bill: the climber said he just
6:28 am
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abby: house republicans release a bombshell report on the fight against isis. backing up claims the administration watered down intelligence reports to make the terrorist group seem like less of a threat. let's bring in general jack keane. first your reaction on this report. how serious is this? are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised largely due to the fox reporting on this many, many months ago that
6:32 am
substantiated what the whistle blowers were saying based on what sources said. the reason is, you have senior leaders in central command which is a command for our viewers that overseas the middle east and the wars we are fighting in afghanistan and walk. and those senior leaders in the intelligence direct rat were manipulating those reports so they would be more favorable. and the outcome of that was not just in the intelligence reports that went out to the chain of command. but it found its way into press releases and press conferences and general austin's public testimony before the senate and the house. this is very, very serious. abby: representative mike pompeo. he was on the task force and this is how he described some of what they found. he says there is enormous
6:33 am
evidence how talented individuals did their job and depicted what was going on on the ground. but when it got to senior levels, that information was changed. it sounds like this is coming from the top. the question is how far up does it go? do you think even president obama might have known about this? >> there is an interesting part of the report. it does talk about the director of national intelligence office. and the head of that is james clapper made multiple phone calls with centcom on a weekly basis obviously discussing intelligence. that's highly unusual was central command is not in their chain of command. and they were not making phone calls with any other combatant command. the report says there is no evidence that director intelligence was manipulating
6:34 am
central command on the reports. but the uniqueness of the phone calls, something may not be right. the department of defense i.g. is conducting a thorough and comprehensive investigation. they will get to the bottom of this because of the investigating arm they have. so there is more to follow on this. one house report in its final report and two, the d.o.d.-i.g. report. abby: you look over the past 8 years and look at the number of contradictions that have been made when hearing from leaders. how much harder does this make this fight? >> it certainly does. when you say does this come from the top? i think it's been clear dealing with his administration that the president of the united states has had a tendency to minimize
6:35 am
the threat from our adversaries and exaggerate the progress that we have made against them. and that has been very consistent and it happened just as late as last week when he was talking about the progress being made against sits * when in fact they expand from 9 countries to 24. and they conducted 100 attacks outside of iraq and syria. so this manipulation of reports inside a major command, i have not seen since the vietnam war. this is a very serious thing that has taken place here. people will be held accountable for it. >> this comes as we have our presidential election going on. donald trump saying yesterday basically blaming president obama and hillary clinton for isis even becoming a thing. the timing of this is quite interesting. >> i don't get involved in
6:36 am
political candidates' comments, butted the administration's policies did contribute to the fact that we have isis as a reality. walking away from iraq certainly in 2012, and creating -- helping create the stalemate in syria as opposed to throwing our weight behind the syrian moderates and toppling the regime. that gave isis the opportunity to form the safe haven in syria which has been so destructive. it's from the safe haven that everything isis has been succeeding sat comes from. abby: general jack keane, appreciate your analysis. bill: mike pompeo joins us at 10:10 a.m. eastern time. coming up in 35 minutes here. bill: a climber using suction cups to scale 21 stories at
6:37 am
trump tower. police yanking him in through a window, putting an end 3-hour ordeal. >> we'll were screaming don't give. then they leaned down 10 feet, grabbed him, pulled him into the window and that was it. i'm not sure what his motives were. there are a lot of crazy people in the stay. maybe anti-trump, i don't know, but it's pretty crazy. bill: fifth avenue, what was he all about, brian? >> police tell us the man is a pro trump guy. he's a 19-year-old man from virginia. he came to new york on tuesday, stayed at a hotel overnight with the sole purpose of climbing trump tower to meet with him. there is a youtube video police confirmed is the actual climber.
6:38 am
he says he's an independent researcher. he wanted to meet with donald trump one-on-one. and he wanted to get his attention. man, did he get his attention. he started climbing the southeast corner of the tower. at 6:30 the police were able to pull out two windows after unsuccessfully bashing through one. they cornered him using win doe scaffolding and pulling him in, ending the 3-hour ordeal. >> i was lowering the safety line to him to explain he should lock himself in case something happened. i could see he was getting tired. i said if you lock this in and
6:39 am
you get tired you won't fall and he refused to take the line. reporter: the police were doing everything they can to insure his safety and the safety of others. they had three inflatable mats. you have got a wooded pant at the window in which the police busted through unsuccessfully to grab him. we now know he is at bellevue hospital under going a psychological he vool was. the trump campaign called it a dangerous stunt and donald trump thanked the police for keeping us all safe. it's a story sucking us all in. i had to. bill: i know. you can march camels up 6th 56 avenue for the radio show and
6:40 am
new yorkers don't bat an eye. there were hundreds of people watching this play out. >> i think we totally underestimated the power of suction cups all this time. so we are awaiting remarks from donald trump in the swing state of florida. will he keep attacks against hillary clinton about her emails? >> hillary clinton trying to put down the latest firestorm. the clinton foundation apparently look for special treatment. we'll debate it next. >> i'm going to tell you something. i'm a lot more afraid of a hillary clinton presidency than i am of getting a mosquito bite in south florida, and we all better be worried about it. your insurance company
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at bill: new emails raising questions about whether donors to the clinton foundation received special treatment from the state department. she claims these allegations are old news. mike pence seize it as another smoking gun. >> it seems to provide direct evidence that phase were done by the state department for foreign donors to the clinton foundation. that's the pay to play system the american people are sick and tired of and donald trump and i will bring it to a crashing ends. bill: check out monica's piece
6:45 am
today. >> i think there are questions raised. i don't think as governor pence said, that there was clear evidence of pay to play. it doesn't appear yet that we have evidence that quote phase were done. it's clear requests were made. but we need a lot more facts and investigation before we rush to any judgment. bill: keeping your powder dry? >> i'm being prudent. >> i'm seeing 44 fresh emails that were never made public before. i'm wondering how many more emails. >> that's a different question with different implications and a similar f.b.i. director who should answer your questions. >> and the outstanding questions of who might have her complete email inventory which is another basket of worms here. where there is smoke there will be is fire. we are dealing with the clintons.
6:46 am
30-plus years of corruption, lies, shadiness. she can't address it honestly because this does look like text book corruption. it looks like this woman learned her public office as secretary of state and sold this office to get favors done to the clinton foundation that would enrich that foundation and enrich her and her husband. >> the only chance we probably even know about this is because of the conservative group it of washington called judicial watch. >> they extract promises from mrs. clinton to stay out of foundation business. they have a bright line between the state department and the clinton foundation. doug band was communicating with the state department to take care of an associate. bill: he's talking about a
6:47 am
document she signed in 2009. >> there is no evidence she was aware of or involved in any of these communications which at this point are just communications. >> here is my question, why hasn't the president of the united states been asked by anybody how he -- what he believes, what he thinks, what he feels that this secretary of state kept a private non-government server exposing america's secrets. running her own i will tell jones service which obama said you can't hire in the state department and she hired him anyway through the clinton foundation. how come nobody has asked the president how he feels about that. any other president would have been hitting the roof that the
6:48 am
secretary of state was guilty of insubordination. nobody has asked obama this. now we find his d.o.j. has blocked the f.b.i. from pursuing these questions. >> the emails were between staffers. this was not secretary clinton involved in this discussion. here is what the american people hear about hillary clinton. emails, emails, blah, blah, blah. >> i did say what mr. fowler said first, which is no evidence of the secretary's personal involvement. it was staffers. but i wouldn't say blah, blah, blah. that strikes me as non-responsive at best. to monica's question, let me offer an answer. the president said there has been no risk to national security from their use of the
6:49 am
private servers. i think he said it on 0 minutes. maybe, just maybe that's subject to. >> if you are the commander-in-chief and your secretary of state is freelancing with her own intelligence operation outside of your purview and outside the purview of other government entities. wouldn't you be slightly annoys by that. i think the question should be asked. any other american president would be furious. bill: i think it's a fair question and it's obvious he knew there -- she knew there was a conflict of interest otherwise she would not have signed the form. abby: hillary clinton set to lay out her plan to fix the economy today, but donald trump says she'll be a disaster.
6:50 am
bill: a star is born in brazil. katie dedecky winning another medal. this one comeback you have to see to believe. don't move. while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different, it's deliciously different.
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bill: check it out. a fan reaching high to catch a foul ball. he gets a face full of nachos and beer. it happened during a padres, pirates game. he was a pretty good sport about it. abby: poor guy.
6:54 am
another great night last night. everyone loves a comeback. hard to top this in rio. take a look. unbelievable moment. katie ledecky sealing the deal when she dove in. her team was one second behind and they ended up winning one second ahead. this is why we watch the olympics. for moments like that. >> one of the best things about the olympics is heroes emerge. oftentimes we have never heard of their names. katie ledecky. when she entered the water australia was winning. she finished a second faster than any of the 32 women who swam in that race.
6:55 am
that's sheer domination. > abby: a second in swimming is a lifetime. she'll be competing for the 800 meter freestyle, the final for that race will be friday. abby: phelps and ryan lochte. they are roommates. >> yes, they are. but today it will be all games, very serious. they are going head-to-head for maybe the last time in their 13-year careers. >> it was gray and blue. if you are blond and die your hair blond it will turn green. abby: he seemed to like it. but the pools are green, too. it's disgusting. >> it's icky.
6:56 am
olympic officials are saying the reason for the green pool, too many people in the water. they ran out of chemicals to treat the pool which caused a ph imbalance. >> there is a rule, if it's green water you don't get in it. women's gymnastics. we'll see if simone biles can live up to that heavy expectation. a lot of people are expecting she can. >> always good to have you here. bill: awaiting donald trump. he will be live on stage in miami. we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens. the battle over the economy. who has the better plan. team hillary versus team trump. that's next.
6:57 am
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bill: fox news alert, bombshell report suggesting top intelligence officials altered the truth about the state of the war on isis. a house task force digging in allegations that that government documents were manipulated to make the situation seem better than it was. that new report now backing up those claims. it all started when a central command whistleblower came forward last year. in a few moments, we're going to talk to one of the lead congressmen on that report, mike pompei, republican from congress, will be here inside of "america's newsroom". also the battle on the economy, who has the better plan? donald trump will speak in about, a few minutes from now live in miami, expected to talk about his economic plan. that's just ahead of hillary clinton who will lay out her plan later today in michigan. remember, trump was in detroit on monday, she goes to michigan today. brand new hour here, it's a busy thursday, i'm bill hemmer. how you doing, abby? abby: good to be here, i'm in
7:01 am
for martha maccallum, and hillary clinton will speak later this afternoon. former new york city mayor hyde key giuliani ripping clinton's record. listen. >> what i do know is hillary clinton is probably the most corrupt person to run for president of the united states since i don't know when. and my job really was being a prosecutor and investigator. hillary clinton is guilty of so many crimes that it would take two trials to deal with it. abby: we've got fox news team coverage. we talk to roger altman from the clinton campaign, also steve moore from the trump campaign coming up. but we begin with senior political correspondent mike emanuel who's live in warren, michigan. it is now clinton's turn, what can we expect to hear from her today? >> reporter: abby, that's correct. good morning to you. we're told hillary clinton's speech will not contain new policy proposals, but a day after touring a millennial-owned small business in iowa, hillary
7:02 am
clinton will reiterate her call for spending on infrastructure which she says will provide good paying jobs. she'll call for tuition-free college for the middle class and debt-tree college for all and making wall street, big corporations and upper income americans pay what she describes is their fair share of taxes. she gave us a preview in battleground iowa. >> i'm here in part to collect a t-shirt -- [laughter] but in addition to emphasize the importance of small businesses to our economy. and i've been talking a lot in the last few weeks about the need to get more good jobs with rising incomes for more americans. >> reporter: a source close to hillary clinton says she will release her 2015 tax returns in the coming days. the idea behind that is pressing donald trump to do the same. the idea of picking this area is this is a county donald trump needs to win if he is to carry michigan, so this is all about a fight for white working class voters. abby?
7:03 am
abby: it's an important one. mike emanuel live in michigan, thank you. bill: trump hitting clinton's record on the economy this week. today she will sell her ideas. as we wait for that later today, here's what trump said yesterday about her record on creating jobs. let's start there. >> she was a senator from new york, and she made tremendous, you know, tremendous promises of what she was going to do for new york when she became senator. and she won the race, and she was a disaster. we lost jobs, tremendous numbers of jobs. she said she's going to help rebuild upstate new york and all these places where all these jobs were taken because of nafta and bills that her husband -- the whole thing. but she said she was going to do a great job. and it was a disaster. bill: she gets to defend herself later today. roger altman, deputy secretary of the treasury during the clinton administration, my guest now from salt lake city. roger, good morning to you and thank you for your time today. >> hi, good morning. bill: part of her theme is
7:04 am
family first. we've heard from trump. what's her pitch? >> well, these two plans, secretary clinton's plan on the one hand and mr. trump's on the other, couldn't be more different. her plan is entirely focused on getting middle class incomes moving up again. his plan is completely focused on huge tax cuts for corporations and for the wealthiest individuals which would cost $12 trillion over 20 years, none of which would be paid for, almost doubling the national debt. they just couldn't be more different. they have completely different objectives and completely different elements. bill: how would she defend her record as a senator from new york? you saw that long article on monday from "the washington post" where she promised 200,000 jobs, and they simply did not happen. and trump's going to bang on that repeatedly. >> well, i had the privilege of working with secretary clinton
7:05 am
on those economic development efforts for new york state. and nobody worked harder and more effectively and more doggedly for new yorkers, especially upstate new yorkers, than she did during her years in the senate. and if that was not the case, then she would not have been reelected overwhelmingly as she was -- bill: that could be, that could be, but she made a pledge, and it did not come through. i've read through the plan. you know, you know be what republicans are going to say. she wants to spend money, raise money on infrastructure spending, and we saw how all that went in 2009. and to pay for it, she's going to raise taxes on the rich. they're going to say these are just all old democratic ideas. how's she going to defend that? >> well, except they're not. they're not old, tired ideas. that's what his proposals are. she's got, essentially, a four-point plan. it's the biggest investment in infrastructure since world war ii.
7:06 am
everybody knows that our bridges, our roads, our ports, our airports are in deteriorating condition. everybody thinks they should be repaired and brought up to world class standards. that proposal -- which is fully paid for, i should add -- would create a lot of good paying jobs and would improve u.s. competitiveness. second of all, college affordability. the skills requirements of the 21st century workplace require that young americans have greater and great canner skills. so -- greater skills. so we need to get more young americans to attend and to graduate from college. so she's proposed a very innovative and very new college affordability plan. basically, if you attend a public university, you will not incur student debt. trump's plan says not one word about infrastructure or college affordability. third, making it more affordable for families to raise their kids, pre-k for all, a higher
7:07 am
earned income tax credit, a higher minimum wage. and finally, inclusive growth, a tax system that permits all americans to participate -- bill: sounds like a lot. >> -- rather than just those at top. bill: she wants $275 billion in infrastructure be spending. trump has suggested he wants to spend more than that. sir, thank you for your time. we're going to go equal time for the other side, and i hope you come back. roger altman from salt lake. stephen moore, economic adviser for the trump team, and you say what, steve? >> well, you know, mike was saying at the start of the segment don't expect any new ideas from hillary clinton, and that's because there are no new ideas. what you just heard from the clinton campaign be, let's see, more shovel-ready projects, raise the minimum wage, more tax increases on the rich, more free things. you know, bill, that sounds an awful like what we've done for the last eight years and, obviously, the results have been disastrous as donald trump has
7:08 am
talked about -- bill: steve, answer this then, okay? >> yeah. bill: her plan, $275 billion in new spending. that's infrastructure, right? as i just pointed out -- >> let me just stop you right there -- bill: let me get to the question, and you can answer it, okay? trumps has said he wants to spend more than that. is that a good idea? >> let me start with hillary on infrastructure. did you know, bill, under barack obama we have spent almost $800 billion on infrastructure? where did all that money go? i mean, we've spent more money under barack obama be on infrastructure than dwight eisenhower spent to build the entire interstate highway system, for goodness sakes. i don't have any confidence, i don't think the american people have confidence this money is going to be spent any more wisely than the money barack obama spent -- bill: ideas she has, paid family leave, preschool for every 4-year-old in america and also the free college tuition idea for some middle class americans. what's wrong with that?
7:09 am
>> first of all, college tuitions are going through the roof. the biggest scam in america is how much colleges and universities are charging our families. imagine how expensive tuition is going to be if it's free, you know? if people who are using the colleges and universities don't have any stake in the game, these tuitions are going to soon go to $100,000, and who's going to pay for that? of course, we know, you know, you nailed roger altman on that. the taxpayer is going to have to pay for that. it's a terrible idea to make college free. the students and the families should have some skin in the game. but one other quick point. you know, roger altman talked about how we're going to rebuild the economy. how are you going to do that without small businesses and businesses growing? we haven't had any growth in small businesses at all in seven years. we're going to cut the small business tax, bill, to 15%. every small business and every corporation in america is going to pay 15%. those are the businesses that create jobs, hillary's at 50%.
7:10 am
bill: i've got 15 seconds, and i've got to run. [laughter] >> okay. bill: altman just argued these are old, tired ideas. what you just said, and he argues, no, they are not. they are new ideas. >> yeah. these are new ideas, and what hillary is recommending is exactly what we've done for the last seven and a half years. if you like the way the economy is going, folks, vote for hillary clinton. bill: okay. stephen moore for the trump team. roger altman prior to that for the clinton team. abby: a brand new gop report is backing up claims that top intelligence officials manipulated documents on the fight against isis. congressman mike pompei owe is a member of congress, he'll join us with what he discovered. bill: newly-released e-mails fueling allegations of pay for play at the clinton foundation. these are the allegations from trump and pence. we'll talk to the author of "clinton cash" on this, but first, here's trump on this from yesterday. >> this was big stuff. pay for play, it's illegal.
7:11 am
i mean, it's illegal. and we'll see what happens with it, folks. we'll see what happens with it, but it's very serious stuff. at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage.
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7:14 am
bill: a woman in mississippi charged with trying to join isis. now we'll learn her fate in federal court today. jay lin young and her fiance trying to board a plane for be istanbul, in a tearwell letter to her family, young told them of her plans to join the terror group. she pled guilty in be march,
7:15 am
faces up to 20 years in jail. her fiance pleading guilty to a similar charge, he'll be sentenced later this month. abby: and more now on that bombshell report from a house task force. it suggests top intelligence officials manipulated documents to make it seem like the fight against isis was going better than it really was. we spoke to general jack keane last hour, and he says this isn't something to be taken lightly. listen. >> this is dead serious. and the reason is you have senior leaders in central command which is the command for our viewers to understand overseas, the middle east and particularly the wars that we're fighting there in afghanistan and iraq, and those senior leaders in the intelligence directorate were manipulating these reports so that they'd be more favorable. and what -- and the outcome of that was not just in the intelligence reports that went out to the chain of command, but it found its way into press releases, into press conferences
7:16 am
and into general halston's public testimony before the senate and the house. so this is very, very serious. abby: republican congressman be mike pompeo who's a member of this task force is joining us live. congressman be, thanks for being here. >> it's great to be with you, good morning. abby: you heard that from general jack keane saying this is dead serious. my question to you off the top, is all of this real? is everything in this report accurate? >> yes, ma'am, it is. task force, myself and two of my colleagues in the conference, have been working on this for a long time. we've interviewed dozens of witnesses, looked at lots of documents and what became very clear was that senior analysts were providing data up to the very top of the intelligence community be inside of centcom, and they were politicizing it, manipulating it, making it look like america was being more successful against isis than we really were. and the results of that for our soldiers on the ground are potentially deadly. if we don't understand what's really going on, you can't fight
7:17 am
this war properly. they were manipulating intelligence in a way that put our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines at risk. abby: why? what is the incentive for the administration to want to paint a rosier picture? this goes back to 2014 when things weren't looking so great. respect they wanting all the -- aren't they wanting all the resources they can get to fight isis? what is the incentive to make things look better than they really are? >> the culture of one inside this administration is bad news doesn't sell well, and they wanted to tell the story that isis was the jv, that we had al-qaeda on the run. everyone in the administration understood that the story that you wanted to tell to your leaders if you wanted to get promoted, if you wanted to be successful was one of success. so they would talk about isis being with on the defensive just before they take mosul. these are the kind of things that get people killed. this is incredibly dangerous. we haven't seen this kind of manipulation of intelligence, tactical and military intelligence in an awfully long time. and it's a direct result of the culture from the white house and
7:18 am
an administration that didn't want to confront this, didn't want to tell the american people, did not want to tell congress about what was really going on and the resources that were going to be required to fight this fight. abby: well, and this isn't necessarily new. we have heard contradicting reports for some time now from members of the administers. this comes -- administration. this comes over a year ago, general lloyd austin spoke within ten days of director john brennan, both talking about where we are in this fight against isis. listen to how different their messages is. >> the fact is that he can no longer do what he did at the outset, which is to seize and hold new territory. he has assumed a defensive crouch in iraq. >> isil is well armed and well financed. its fighters are committed, disciplined and battle of of-hardened. left up checked the group poses a serious danger to syria, iraq and the wider region beyond, including attacks on the homeland of the united states and the homelands of our partners. abby: so what general austin
7:19 am
said this that first clip, that isis could no longer do what they were capable of doing, general jack keane said that comment is probably one of the most dangerous. >> i think that's right. director brennan captured what was really going on on the ground. this highlights and confirms what we found as part of the task force, that they consistently manipulated data to make it look more rosy than it really was. they at no time tell their own sold yores, america -- soldiers, america the truth about the growing risks from isis. every time they changed the information be, at least nearly every time, they got it wrong in one direction that made it look like america was being more successful against this threat from radical islamic extremism. abby: congressman pompeo, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you very much, ma'am. abby: we want to bring in our colleague, pete hegseth. first, your response off the top of this report, are you surprised?
7:20 am
>> i'm not surprised. but when you politicize intelligence, people get killed and wars are prolonged. and so this is as bad as it gets because, ultimately, we've got war fighters on the ground in iraq trying to help local forces there defeat and crush isis, ask we're giving a roads city picture to -- rosy picture to our military leaders and our president that's disconnected from the reality on the ground. now we know why what the president was saying from the podium was so different from what was happening on the ground, because even he was hearing a different story. these wars have been run by the national security council which is very tied to the white house and not as tied to the pentagon, so there have been half-truths from the beginning, and this is just confirmation of it. abby: when it comes to who's making these changes at centcom, these are not low-level analysts. >> no. abby: mike pompeo was quoted at saying the changes were made at the senior level here. the question is how far does
7:21 am
that go up the chain? is it possible that president obama may have known about? >> well, i don't know. i mean, it's highly unlikely that president obama said change those viewpoints,ing but he can always put whatever spin he wants on it. i remember when he first learned about this disconnect. it was low-level analysts at the ground who said we're pumping up intelligence up the chain that talks about how dangerous isis is s and it's not coming out in the reports we're seeing high up. listen, military leaders can become politicized, and they're superintendent sent bl -- susceptible to pressure too. they're being told we need to make progress, but maybe they don't have the resources, the time, a president that short supports their mission. i don't know where the blame lies, but someone should be fired over this. abby: we'll leave it there. pete hegseth, thanks for being with us. bill: live in miami florida, we're watching a trump rally for you. plus, in light of this new report, trump laying the blame for isis at the doorstep of president obama and hillary clinton.
7:22 am
>> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> a fake charity in which you paid millions and millions of dollars to get access to the state department. that's called conflict of interest, that's called bribery. bill: rudy giuliani last hour suggesting quid pro quo. newly-released e-mails suggest perhaps the power of the state department was used to show favoritism to donors of the clinton foundation. my next guest wrote the book "clinton cash" and peter. >> wiser, the author, is live in
7:26 am
tallahassee. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: this is what democrats are saying now, and doug schoen made this case 45 minutes ago. there's no evidence to suggest that this went toward hillary clinton. do you have evidence that suggests otherwise? [laughter] >> no, but, i mean, this is an absurd defense. and i have to say, i mean, how stupid do they think we are? you've got bill clinton's top aide, doug band, sends an e-mail to hillary clinton's top aide, cheryl mills, saying we need to set up meetings for this guy. and the clinton defense is, well, hillary herself didn't actually get involved, so this isn't a problem. i mean, this is what top aides do. this is how the system is greased. so the defense that hillary herself did not set up the meeting with gilbert, with the u.s. ambassador to lebanon, is beside the point. this is precisely the problem that i highlighted in the book and the e-mails are confirming. bill: who is mr. che gory?
7:27 am
>> she's a lebanese-nigerian businessman. he's not a u.s. citizen. and this is the point to highlight, bill. we're all familiar with the stories of, you know, wall street banks buying access, getting special meetings in washington, d.c. with politicians. but federal law prevents foreign nationals like this man from being able to do that, because we don't want foreign entities to have that much influence on decision making. the clinton foundation's a vehicle around that. gilbert gives money to the clinton foundation, he now wants access to u.s. decision makers in the middle east. and by the way, he's a guy with a very sketchy history that includes convictions for money laundering and aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise in european courts. bill: how much money did he give to the clinton foundation, peter? >> good question, bill. he's donated between $1-$5 million. he has sponsored speeches by bill clinton that put money in his pocket, and he's pledged a
7:28 am
cool $1 billion to the clinton global think about ty. bill: wow. okay, "the wall street journal" writes about that this morning, on screen. bill: what they would say is this is just how business works, you know? you fire off an e-mail, you make a phone call, and it's no different in government than it is in politics, than it is in accounting or wall street or pick your profession. >> yeah. well, if you look at the e-mail from doug band to cheryl mills, he says, you know, gilbert wants this meeting, and he is, quote, very important, end quote, to us. why is gil bert very important? he's not an american citizen. he's not an american businessman. this is a foreign national, a foreign oligarch who lives in
7:29 am
nigeria, a very corrupt political culture in which he plays. and he is getting access. so, yes, this is how the game's played, but it's basically been played by americans before. the clinton foundation now gives oligarchs in nigeria, in russia, all around the world access to u.s. decision makers precisely because they are, quote with, very important to the clintons because they are putting money in their pocket. bill: quickly, 44 new e-mails this week. how many more do we, do we venture a guess? >> i would guess a lot more. i think there's going to be hundreds if not thousands, and kudos to judicial watch and citizens united. they both have been litigating these cases, and it's only because federal judges are forcing the state department to release these e-mails that they're actually coming out. bill: peter, thank you for your time down there in tallahassee, florida. "clinton cash." thank you. abby: donald trump about to speak in florida where he is in a dead heat with hillary clinton. trump's address is about to begin in just a few moments, so
7:30 am
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7:33 am
bill: donald trump about to make remarks in miami, florida. national association of home builders at their meeting in miami beach, expected to talk about economic plans ahead of hillary clinton's speech where she will talk about the economy later today near detroit. want to bring in bret baier, anchor of "special report." how you doing, my friend? >> hey, bill, good morning. bill: he was in detroit monday, she's in michigan today. i would imagine this address gets in the way or gets ahead, i should say, of her message later today. >> yeah. i think inside the trump campaign there was a lot of happiness about the way the detroit speech went, about laying out the economic vision, about contrasting donald trump and republican policies with hillary clinton and democratic policies. and i think you'll hear more of the same of those bullet points on the economy from donald trump today. i do think that, you know,
7:34 am
hillary clinton is facing some interesting times here. this story about the e-mails and the clinton foundation is significant. it has largely been overshadowed by a lot of ground clutter about obama is the founder of isis and the back and forth about that. but the story itself and these e-mails from judicial watch that i know you've covered this morning is a significant -- bill: i think the phrase was obama, the founder of isis, then he later tied in hillary clinton on that as well. mike pompeo was on with abby a moment ago, and the question is what would the incentive be -- draw on your pentagon experience for a moment -- if you're going to alter a report that suggests you're doing better against an enemy than you actually are, what's the incentive for doing that? his answer was interesting, they wanted to show that isis was jv. and thousand you have this. and now you have this. >> yeah. listen, i think that this is another significant story in that one that we've been following for a long time, but
7:35 am
now this report kind of backs up what some assumptions were. and be that is that on the highest levels there were efforts to hint the lower -- to manipulate the lower actual intelligence assessments that were making their way up the chain. why do that? well, it's the same reasoning behind the allegations of what happened with benghazi. and that is that the thought process was we are taking it to the terrorists, they're on the run around the world, and gm is alive and bin laden is dead, and that's the sense that they wanted to portray. it's the same with isis in that they were taking criticism about not understanding this foe, but they were essentially looking at a situation where the president called them the jv team. soon after that, changed that assessment completely, but it took some time for him to change after all of these rosy reports. bill: certainly was. jack keane was on with us too, he called it deadly serious.
7:36 am
i mean, he says he hasn't seen anything like this since the vietnam war and thinks people pay a price for it. now, the issue of debates chairman up with rudy giuliani last hour. he and paul man that fort are spearheading trump's operation to negotiate the debates as they do every four years. each candidate, each party does that. this is what trump told greta about that effort last night. >> i want to do the debates. i don't think they should put 'em opposite nfl games because i think that's really unfair, to do that. you know, i probably -- hillary clinton would like that. but i don't think they should be opposite nfl games, and i want to see a fair moderator. and whatever else, we'll look at. certainly, i want to do the debates. bill: he'll do three, i do believe that's to what the schedule calls for now. i don't know if they move them or move the nfl game, but giuliani said the thing he comes back to is the moderator. who hosts and who is fair. that seems to be very important to trump. how does that go?
7:37 am
>> well, this is part of the negotiation, i think. the fact that he got to the point over the weekend where he said i am going to do three of the debate commission's debates, that's significant because believe it or not there was a lot of internal back and forth, we heard, that they were just going to pull the rip chord and try to go with the republican and democratic party and do something separate. and the discussions were all over the place. the fact that he finally got to the structure of going to the debate commission is a step. i think it's interesting to see whether the dates change at all or whether there is influence in the moderator choosing. you'll remember, it's a bipartisan commission, and they choose the moderators, and it is not, by some equation they're looking for specific, no-nonsense moderators in the jim lehrer style. bill: they've announced those moderators, haven't they? you've got the location, the date -- >> they have not announced the moderators. usually it's within the next
7:38 am
week or so. last time it was august 13th, i think the moderators were announced. so in coming days, you will hear them. bill: we'll see which card they play then. thank you, bret. we'll see you at 6:00. abby: a search effort is underway right now for as many as seven people unaccounted for after a massive fire in maryland. witnesses reporting an explosion sparking the flames that engulfed part of this apartment complex. garrett tenney live in maryland. how are the folks doing there? >> reporter: well, abby, as you can imagine if, a lot of folks here are still very shaken up. after all, most of them were in bed when this fire started. it was just before midnight when folks as far as a mile away say they heard a massive explosion. then firefighters arrived here at the flower branch apartment, neighbors were frantically trying to rescue those trapped inside the upper stories. some grabbed ladders to try to help folks, others had to jump
7:39 am
out of their windows, and as the fire was quickly spreading, some parents were forced to drop their children from the windows to neighbors below. more than 30 people were injured including three firefighters. >> the injuries range from a abrasions to orthopedic injuries, broken bones from exiting the structures, three and four stories, as well as burns and smoke inhalation-type injuries. this structure is compromised. clearly, it has collapsed. it has gone through a violent activity, the explosion itself. >> reporter: and that explosion nearly flattened parts of the building, and the blast launched debris as far as 50 yards away. as you mentioned, there are still 5-7 people who are unaccounted for. there are search and rescue teams that are still going through the debris to find any of those individuals along with k-9 units. abby? abby: adults, children jumping out of windows. do investigators have any idea how all this happened? >> reporter: you know, they don't, and they say it could be
7:40 am
at least several more days before they do, because part of the problem right now is that blast was so devastating that it left several parts of the building that are just unable, that are not safe for the search and rescue teams or the investigate beers to be going through. they did tell us this morning, though, that in the building there were several natural gas furnaces and the stoves in each apartment, but they did say it's not clear if any of those played a role in the fire or the explosion. prior to last night though, fire officials say they had no reports of any concerns or warning from the building managers or from any of the residents. now today both the atf and ntsb are on the scene. you can see behind us that debris is still smoldering with some of these fires that they are working to put out. abby: really hoping for the best there. garrett tenney live in maryland, thanks. bill: you see the podium in miami. any moment now donald transfer takes -- donald trump takes the stage in miami. hillary clinton delivers her economic ideas later this
7:41 am
afternoon, so we'll take you first live to miami when that begins. and trump's calling out president obama and clinton. founder co-founder -- founder ad co-founder of isis. our political panel will take on that claim next. >> our precipitous withdrawal of troops from iraq, hillary clinton's inability to negotiate our being able to keep troops in iraq is clearly what caused isis. you both have a
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. bill: we are learning from the u.s. air force now it's losing hundreds of pilots and now trying to sweeten the deal to get more on board. current lyrics 700 fighter pilots -- currently 700 fighter pilots short, many leaving for better pay and benefits, and that number could grow to a thousand in the next few years. improvements to quality of life, hoping that will persuade many of them to sign up and stay on longer.
7:45 am
abby: well, any minute now donald trump set to take the stage in miami beech where she'll seek to a home builders association, just a day after some tough talk from donald trump on terrorism. trump macing the blame for the rise of isis squarely on the president's shoulders. listen. >> in many respects, you know, they honor president obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's founder of isis. okay? he's the founder. [cheers and applause] he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. abby: jessica tar love is a strategist and senior political analyst, deneen berellly is, of course, a fox news contributor. good morning, ladies, thanks for being here.
7:46 am
tough words from donald trump blaming president obama and hillary clinton for the rise of isis and, of course, this comes as thest breaking that intelligence officials were painting a rosier picture of our dealings with isis than really exists. >> it's shocking, the lies that have come out of this administration. clearly, there's no doubt that president obama -- under his leadership and under then-secretary of state hillary clinton -- the world has become a much more dangerous place because they totally minimized the significance and the dangerous effects of isis early on. so much more could have been done. they ignored the advice of our u.s. generals to not remove our troops from iraq, and the world is a much more dangerous place now. abby: this is a big thing though, jessica, that hillary clinton is running on, on defeating isis, her temperament, right? the policies that she's saying she would put in place. what is your response to all this? >> my response is i wish donald trump would speak a lot more like deneen, because she's
7:47 am
framed this about current policy issues and not just lying. we know that obama is not the founder of isis. we know that isis came up in 2006. it's the new al-qaeda. alal-baghdadi is the leader of isis, the founder. what he's talking about here, he's trying to rile people up, and there's reckless abandon in these comments. and it's truly dangerous. he's obviously implying treason, and we remember just a few months ago when he said, oh, i don't know what obama's up to, maybe something. he's always hinting around these things. if you want to talk about policies, pick apart records like that, that's fine. but just these blatant lies that his supporters eat up, it's incredibly dangerous and, yes, it will be difficult for hillary clinton to run on this. we have a national public here, over 80% think that we're not prepared to take a terrorist attack if we have one on american soil. abby: right. >> and that's going to be a challenge. but what donald trump is doing, it's so irresponsibility -- irresponsible. abby: there are a lot of people that are riled up, that are feeling scared, they're feeling
7:48 am
unsettled about where we are now and what the future is going to look like. we're waiting for a rally with donald trump there in miami. deneen, pull up some of these poll numbers because you look at where it stands now, when asked who is better to deal with terrorism, it is neck and neck, 47-47, donald trump, hillary clinton. when you compare that to three months ago, back in may when donald trump was up 52% to 40%, what has happened within those three months? >> i think what he needs to do is stay disciplined and stay on message. national security is a number, one of the big concerns that americans are very worried and concerned about. he needs to stay on point and talk about what he can do, what he will do with a trump presidency and what president obama has not been able to do. he also needs to focus on hillary clinton. i mean, listen, under obama's leadership all of the nonsense and the reckless decisions that have been made with hillary clinton even starting with benghazi, the lies to parents over the cough up fins of their parents -- coffins of their sons
7:49 am
when they came back home is outrageous. and she continues to call these parents liars, that she never said what she said. this is the message that donald trump needs to stick to, stay on point and ignore all of the other noise that is coming out from the media. abby: what is clear in these polls, jessica, she's not beating him when it comes to handling terrorism -- >> no, just every other category. abby: we have not heard from her in a press conference in over 250 days -- >> she did address the press last week. i understand that didn't go perfectly, but she did -- ab. abby: why not more? >> i, frankly, would love it if she would do it more. i think hillary clinton is a details-oriented policy wonk, and in an age of donald trump where he's throwing out these brash statements, i think she will really shine there. obviously, the e-mails are the achilles heel, and that's what she's trying to avoid. to your point, i agree that donald trump should talk about what his agenda would be, but i would like him to discuss the fact that 50 gop national
7:50 am
security experts called him out in an open letter. he's not winning on that issue because he's not qualified. >> a hillary clinton presidency will be a continuation of the reckless -- abby: well. and that's exactly what donald trump is saying. we're going to have to leave it there. >> okay. [laughter] abby: deneen, jessica, thanks for being here. bill: coming up next on "happening now," how you doing, jenna? jenna: doing well. we're seeing the competition play out. trump versus clinton, two big speeches at this hour. donald trump set to speak, as you know, in miami beach. hillary clinton is unveiling her big economic policy team and her plan as well at a speech at 1 p.m. in michigan. we're going to have the highlights and analysis of both. plus, larry sabato is here with his new battleground map and a closer look at an alternative to trump and clinton, a candidate who is making moves to watch, bill. we'll take a look at that. bill: that's a tease. see you in ten minutes. any moment now, expecting trump. we'll take you live there when it happens. plus, we're not messing
7:51 am
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♪ ♪ bill: both parties now watching closely the critical statewide contests, balance of power on the line. one of the tightest races might be in illinois. incumbent republican senator mark kirk is in a to have fight with democrat tammy duckworth. mike tobin live on that from chicago. where does this race stand today, mike? >> reporter: they are close to neck and neck with the advantage possibly going to the challenger, and because troll of the senate is up in the air, you've got a lot of outside money pouring into illinois.
7:55 am
senator mark kirk and congresswoman tammy duckworth are both veterans. finish -- kirk suffered a stroke, he can walk with a cane but gets around in a wheelchair. the injuries put duckworth in a position to not look cruel, and because there are about 600,000 i fewer republicans than democrats in illinois, she goes after connections to the republican party, the koch brothers and donald trump. >> mark curbing, you know -- mark kirk, you know, he endorsed donald trump after he said all mexicans were rapists, after he called women pig ands dogs. he embraced donald trump after he called for a ban on people of the muslim religion entering this country. >> reporter: now, what duckworth leaves out is that kirk was the first republican in congress to rescind his endorsement of donald trump. kirk goes after her about a lawsuit from a southern illinois veterans' facility alleging workplace retaliation, although that case was settled in june
7:56 am
with no finding of wrong doing. bill: something to watch here. is kirk in a tough position, mike? >> reporter: he really is, because he's got to win independents, even democrats. one of the top items on his agenda is putting a lot of space between himself and the republican nominee. >> the reason why -- not that i was not supporting trump, that i wanted people of illinois to realize that i was independent of the republican party -- >> reporter: very independent of the republican party. kirk is pro-choice, he supports gay marriage and tried to cultivate a cozy relationship with himself and dick durbin. the problem with that is you still have a lot of conservatives in illinois, although they are in the minority, but a lot of them feel betrayed. bill: thank you, mike, more to come on that. mike tobin in chicago. abby: all right. we're still awaiting donald trump in florida. we are live in miami beach right after this. stay with us.
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martha: a cowboy rides a horse into a restaurant, this is not a joke. leighton crum says he always hits the taco bell drive-through after rodeos and this time the lane was closed so he rode his horse hollywood right into the restaurant area. jon: i'll take two cheese plate. martha: "happening now" starts now. jon: make a run for the border, right? donald trump working to shore up support in florida as he speaks this morning to a familiar audience . the construction industry. later trump makes more challenging pitches to the religious right. that is a vital constituency for any republican nominee. good morning, welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee and evangelicals have been


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